Our vision is to “become the leading advisory services and managed business technology solutions provider for small, medium and not-for-profit businesses in North America.”


Our mission is to “support unprecedented growth and innovation in small, medium and not-for-profit businesses through affordable enterprise-level advisory services and managed technology solutions.


Our corporate values are entrenched in the way we conduct our business and select our clients:

  • Transparency – providing clarity wherever possible in our work, methods and progress, as well as responding to stakeholders calls for thorough understanding;
  • Meritocracy – acting based on merit moreover tenure, under the principle that results are earned by effort and good faith, and that risk and reward is a function of transacting various forms of tangible and intangible capital;
  • Standardization – striving to achieve efficiencies through establish economies of scale and the reduction of input, process and output waste in the form of time, capital or face;
  • Respect and Equality – operating under the firm principle that collaboration should be based in respect and good faith, free from prejudice as much as possible.

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