Normand Consulting Group offers design services – hands-on design and development of brands, communication channels, and promotional materials.

We have extensive experience across many industries, specializing in small, medium and not-for-profit businesses. Our team of design experts apply a combination of industry knowledge and expert design perspectives to produce the most relevant and engaging customer-facing material.

Project teams are always tailored to ensure that the technology stack is leveraged fully to acquire and retain customers consistent with our customers’ strategies and desired value propositions.

We design brands from the ground up, where creativity is a function of strategic planning. Research must always empirically justify the decisions made in the creative process, ensuring that the visual identity of our clients’ directly and consistently aligns with the targeted market segments and strategic planning.

Our team of social media management, search engine optimization, and online advertising experts develop strategies for attracting and retaining customer interest, based on fitting content that assists conversions through leading pages and complex analytics tracking. The digital presence and content calendar is designed is based upon a strong brand identity, strategic plans, and market intelligence.

Professional photography is critical to establishing credibility in your brand and position in the marketplace. Employee portraits, event and function action shots, and site architecture shots are some of the regular photography interests we cover.

We design and produce website solutions that meet any entrepreneurs needs, offering a comprehensive breadth of static pages, image development, e-commerce development and integration with your inventory/accounting systems. hosting solutions and portals for your customers.

Our team advises on the print marketing and promotional artifacts your brand needs for business development and to achieve its public presence goals, including signs, business cards, brochures, envelopes, letterhead and posters. Graphics are generated to meet the dimensions of these items, consistent with your brand identity.

Details matter, which is why consistently formatted and properly branded documents are important. Our team often provides this design service to standardize and brand internal governance, forms, memos, directives, and communications documents. This improves the equity and value of your brand, and reduces confusion and process loss by eliminating complicated makeshift documents.

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