Normand Consulting Group offers advisory services – following research and analysis using deep, functional expertise, and delivering recommended alternatives and options through a holistic perspective in any of our areas of expertise.

Our advisory services address both classic and innovative challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs, such as governance, marketing, public relations, accounting and finance. Above all, our solutions are completed through a lens of technology, analytics and innovative thinking.

Normand Consulting Group provides practical knowledge, functional expertise, with a comprehensive company perspective, which is the key to our competitive edge. We provide value beyond the issue at hand, through company department, leadership groups and silos.

Small, medium and non-for-profit businesses must be strategic and calculated in achieving their business goals on a timeline. Our solutions in strategy, at both the corporate and business level, are designed to support entrepreneurs in the identification of business goals, establish short-term and long-term action plans for all facets of the business.

Whether maintaining status quo, growth, expansion, acquisition or divestiture is in question, our services assign technology, process and probabilistic research as the control framework behind all business strategies. The output is absolute effective customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

Marketing management is the broadest domain of business, comprising research and development, new product development, distribution, packaging, customer relationship management, advertising and so on.

Meeting stakeholder needs through sustained and developed competitive advantages is critical to success in achieving business goals of all sizes. Our solutions keep planned corporate strategy and stakeholder needs in mind using complex matrices and probabilistic validation methods to ensure our recommendations are based on fact.

With the heavy lifting on our side, entrepreneurs can benefit from simple, but meaningful solutions that meet their needs in any area of marketing management, whether it requires research, market planning, product development planning, export development, social media, advertising or external communications, our clients see changes that deliver results.

Product sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution are clinical functions of the supply chain, demanding clearly and logically optimized processes and procedures. From production to market, even the largest businesses require supply chain improvement, using technology and operations management best practices. We offer solutions that deconstruct the entire value chain process and professionally recommend improvements tied to very specific strategic objectives, performance benchmarks, and enabling technology.

Contract skilled project management leaders to manage your internal projects. Budget control, timeline coordination and stakeholder management are crucial to the execution of any important company project. Employing project management methodology and streamlining the implementation of functional and non-functional requirements in any project, coupled with strong communication is our differentiating PM offering.

We offer fleets of qualified and experienced business analysts to map out your internal processes, design requirements documents and produce business cases. This competency is required often by financial institutions and business partners in the sponsoring of larger internal capital investments in technology.

We advise small, medium and not-for-profit business in structuring their accounting processes, including the chart of accounts, processes and record templates. Our financial advisory solutions cover the establishment of capital structure policy, dividend policy and risk-hedging strategy development.

We offer advisory solutions in the development of policy and procedures governing recruitment and selection, training and development and compensation programs. Our services frequently result in the production of a central database and document templates for and including:

  • Role Descriptions
  • Candidate Application Process
  • Recruitment and Selection Tools
  • Tailored Compensation Packages
  • Employment Contracts
  • Code of Business Conduct and Practices
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Training Materials and Programs
  • Letters of Warning and Termination
  • Employee Record and File Storage and Archive Database

We provide change management solutions for constantly pivoting business environments, which require tailored planning to unfreeze, change and refreeze corporate practices and artifacts. We guide the planning process through to the roll-out of change, and advise on the clear communication of strategic direction to various stakeholder groups.

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