Normand Consulting Group offers technology services – your outsourced handling of administrative functions and cloud systems, including recruitment and selection, social media marketing and promotions, outbound marketing, as well as many remotely hosted servers, software, websites.

Our technology and managed services offering are focused in technology design and implementation, basic administration and marketing. Outsourcing multiple functions to us reduces your cost and improves the overall benefit of individual services – because we understand how it all ties together.

Each managed services customer is supported by an experienced team of professionals who know your technologies, understand your applications and are well versed in identifying issues well before they become problematic for your customers.

Each expert applies a combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise to ensure our customers best leverage technology in an integrated way, reducing cost and downtime risk.

We offer both initial integration and ongoing support for these services.

The most important capability of any firm is its central office suite and means of sharing documents and knowledge internally.

Our team of experts are experienced in completing large roll-outs of these top two office suite solutions quickly and inexpensively. The savings through efficiency generate a payback usually within days of operation. We also offer training and supporting process development and technical support at this stage.

Few businesses truly understand or manage their sales process effectively, or according to the long-standing best-practices generally accepted by marketing and sales professionals. Customer management is simply not possible today without underlying data management technology. We train businesses to adopt the proper methodology, sales cycle and sales funnel, and manage CRM implementation and customization projects.

We maintain websites and website projects on behalf of clients, ensuring content is continually updated, whether ad-hoc and on retainer, or on a predetermined schedule.

Depending on your business needs, your existing technology stack and internal processes, we integrate existing systems with the best cloud accounting system for your infrastructure. This permits an automated interconnection of recording, reporting activities of different functional areas of your business such as point of sale, stores, back office and front office, which in turn reduces wasted time and cost. In addition, we offer training, support and maintenance of these systems and API connections.

Accepting payments, invoicing customers and managing inventory for all of your locations, in-store and online are cumbersome for many entrepreneurs. Our enterprise-grade solutions for accounting management and payment transactions are easily affordable and easily implemented by small, medium and non-profit businesses.

We offer managed services including website domains, hosting servers, database servers (SQL) and a number of supporting technology.

Our team of social media management experts develop strategies for attracting and retaining customer interest, based on fitting content that assists conversions through leading pages and complex analytics tracking.

Our proprietary assessment tools and methodology provide us with a sound basis to plan a robust and comprehensive search engine optimization plan for your website, social media, and other online presence channels. By analyzing and reviewing a full cross-section of your channels, we are poised to provide expert initial advice and ongoing support. Furthermore, customers often outsource this entire component of their business to us. As such, we modify the user experience, core language, keywords, advertisements, social media content, website content, and web crawler configuration to truly earn your business more natural search engine traffic and higher ranking positions.

Target internet advertising has pointed and specific results, which is why businesses trust us to manage their search engine keywords and related social media and social media advertisement platforms. Our advisory and design competencies form comprehensive solutions for building a roll-out strategy, advertisement graphics design and managed publishing and monitoring of results. Whether you want customers to visit or call your staff, or visit your website, online and offline advertising campaigns need stern management and monitoring.

Stakeholder engagement, whether a lead, existing customer, potential hire or interested supplier, visibility on who visits your online channels is imperative. Analytic reports showing a demographic decomposition over time is necessary to track the results behind your advertising campaigns and to verify whether your business is gaining in Klout. Moreover, when online channels suffer a technical issue or crash, our uptime monitoring ensures that your customers are never hitting dead ends or pages that fail to load.

No two businesses have the same telephony needs. Regardless of how simple or complex, most businesses require support to ensure security, reliability and a smoother customer experience related to their inbound and outbound IVR. Our team ensures the fine balance is respected between optimized customer experience, and routing of internal processes for call management. We offer onsite hard solutions implementation, such as Cisco Unity; as well as cloud-hosted IVR solutions, such as PlumVoice, and other call forwarding and attendant features.

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