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We get it. Small and medium-sized business owners and not-for-profit administrators notoriously grasp at strings to stay on budget.

Entrepreneurs are tired of cutting corners, while trying to remain competitive. Economics are a challenge for the little guy.

Resource shortages and time constraints often result in the deployment of half-baked software, makeshift do-it-yourself kits, and lackluster weekend crash courses.

Normand Consulting Group was founded in response to this. Finally, something isn’t too good to be true.

Business technology has become incredibly inexpensive and thus enterprise-grade solutions are now available to smaller firms.

The only thing missing is a qualified, experienced and trustworthy team to do the burdensome tasks. We customize and implement the solution, and close with tailored training.

We make enterprise-grade solutions accessible to growing businesses and non-profits, which in turn strengthen our community and economy.

Our team experience was acquired by having worked for, owned or operated businesses of all sizes, including non-profits and government agencies.

We don’t blow smoke like other consulting firms – cross-selling post-work. We deliver results, on time and on budget. Time is money.

Our highest ranked services and solutions are affordable, simple to use and guarantee quantifiable return on investment

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